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Why You Need to Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy

Is your partner’s birthday coming up? Is your anniversary around the corner? Maybe you need to get them something for Valentine’s Day or Christmas? Have you thought of giving them a vibrator? Your first instinct may be to give a hard no and list off all the reasons why. You’re worried about offending them; what if they like the sex toy more than you; you definitely don’t need a vibrator because you have one another; your partner is male… And so the list of reasons not to venture outside your comfort zone goes on. Well, maybe it’s time to change your perspective. Sex toys can bring new passion into the bedroom.

What are the reasons for buying a Vibrator?

First, it’s unlikely your partner will feel offended. In America alone, more than half of the population admits to using some form of adult product. Besides, if you’re partner is offended, you might need to assess your relationship. You shouldn’t feel guilty for trying to improve your sex life.
Second, if you feel intimidated by a sex toy, there is no need to fear. Women may get stronger orgasms from their toys than from you, but that doesn’t mean they will stop wanting sex altogether. Sex is about more than an orgasm. It’s about the connection of two bodies; a vibrator can’t provide that. Sex toys can be used to enhance foreplay and the passion during sex. In fact, recent studies have shown that men worry about vibrators less than originally thought. Women may end up loving their partners more because they are given the gift of orgasm.
Third, it’s true you can argue both partners are equally satisfied, but the reality is many women don’t reach orgasm during sex. No one is to blame for this; women often take longer to reach climax than men. It’s completely natural. Giving your partner the gift of orgasm will only enhance your sex life. Even if your partner is able to orgasm through sex, you can simply add a unique dynamic to your sex life.

How Much will this Cost?

Yes, there are many toys out there that are very expensive. You might not want to spend more than $400 on a fancy toy. You wouldn’t blink an eye at spending money on a new TV. Why would you be reluctant to spend an equal amount on a product that will expand your sex life? Today, you don’t have to spend huge amounts on sex toys. They have become cheaper and more readily available, but still of a very high quality. It’s even possible to buy them online without fear of judgement. The cost of vibrators shouldn’t be something that stops you from changing your sex life forever.

My Partner is Male

If you have a male partner, you can still gift him with a sex toy. Nowadays, toys for men have become increasingly popular. From penis necklaces to cock rings, there are many products to pleasure you and your partner. You could even get a massager to help loosen your partner’s tense muscles before getting frisky. You can use a pocket vagina to help your partner masturbate while he controls your remote vibrator at the same time. There are many special vibrators that leave enough space for your partner to penetrate, giving both of you vibrating pleasure.
Having these toys in the bedroom can help increase the number of orgasms each of you experience. You can connect with one another on a new sexual level.