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The Rise of the Female Sex Robot

The rise of female sex robots, or sex-bots as they are often termed, has left many women feeling somewhat unsettled. Are females being replaced by machines with flawless skin and vaginas that will never get loose? Are they creating unrealistic standards of sex or has that always existed?

The Feminist Implications of the Sex-bot

It’s understandable for women to feel this way. The number of female sex-bots far out ways the number of male ones. For many women, it feels anti-feminist because it’s a way of replacing a real, breathing, nagging women with a robot that will do as it’s told every time. It makes one question where the future of sex for men and women is headed. Women wanted independence from male sexual domination, but did they want to be replaced by a robot all together? The rise of the sex-bot has hints of the misogynistic pornography days of the 70s when women would simply obey rather than have equal power in the bedroom.
This is only one way of looking at it. Maybe the rise of the sex robot is indicative of the growing disconnect and loneliness in society. Men, just as women, may feel the need to create life-like sexual objects so they can not only feel pleasure, but also love. It is possible the production of sex-bots speaks to a greater problem within society. This may be unlikely but the levels of loneliness in our over-connected world is staggering.

The Tragedy of Sex-bot

While the advances in technology may seem impressive when examining at sex-bots, it’s more of a tragedy. Instead of people connecting with each other physically and sexually, they are choosing to do so with machines. Sure, things like VR and 3D gaming have made this possible for many years, but sex robots remove the human element on a whole new level. More than this, it creates an unrealistic image of women’s bodies, but also of what sexual relationships are all about. Herein lies the real problem with sex-bots; some men would prefer to engage in sexual practices with an unrealistic, idealised woman, than deal with real human interaction. The few male sex-bots that have been developed have also created an unrealistic sexual ideal for women. The most recent example of this is the sex-bot that bears a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber. The tragedy is people would rather choose fantasy over reality. These men and women are free to treat the robot as they please, be it abusively or kindly. This could be seen as a positive thing because real women, and even some men, will be spared from physical pain and damaging relationships with these types of people.

Think of the Poor Sex-bot

While many women feel enraged by the invention of these sex-bots, there are more who feel sorry for them. The type of men who will purchase such a toy will inflict pain and torture intended for a living, breathing woman. For most women, it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. This mentality has existed for many years, so the rise of the sex-bot doesn’t seem so outrageous. Who knows, maybe the creator of sex-bots was an abused women looking for a way to keep these violent men away. Whatever the reason, women can’t help but feel empathetic to the perfect, mechanical women who will have no choice but to obey.