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Is Dead Vagina Syndrome a Real Thing?

People have blamed women being unable to reach orgasm on dead vagina syndrome for many years. The stories are often so scary it’s enough to put any woman off sex toys for her whole life. The questions is, does dead vagina syndrome really exist or is it just a tale used to stop women enjoying solo pleasure? Have you ever heard of dead vagina syndrome? Basically, the concept is if you use a vibrator too often, your tolerance to clitoral pleasure will build up resulting in an inability to reach orgasm. Dead vagina syndrome theorists believe you will eventually become completely de-sensitised and will never feel sexual pleasure again, not even through sex with a partner. Sure, it has some logic. If you do the same thing over and over again, you may stop getting pleasure from it, but this syndrome has largely been disproved.

What do Real Experts Say?

Dr. Shazia Malik, a gynecologist, says there is absolutely no evidence that supports theories of dead vagina syndrome. It is true your vagina experiences decreased sensations once you’ve finished using a vibrator, but it’s temporary. You will soon get all the feeling back and be ready for round two, three, and four. There are other times women have this same feeling, like after giving birth, having sex with another person, during breastfeeding, and while taking hormonal birth control. Research shows, particularly after vibrator use, these symptoms disappear after one hour. Studies were done on the effect of vibrators on the hand. They found that the loss of sensation in hands was temporary and believe this is the same for the vagina and clitoris. You can definitely experience feelings of numbness, but it’s almost never permanent. This means you really have nothing to fear when using your vibrator. Only 0.5% of women say the numbness lasts for more than a day, but even they had sensations return.

Vibrators Make Orgasm Easier

The theory of dead vagina syndrome may have developed because reaching orgasm with a vibrator is so much easier. It is medical knowledge that it’s easier to orgasm when giving self-pleasure than when having sex; this is the case for men, too. Dead vagina syndrome claims that a woman can’t climax with her partner because she has used her vibrator too much, de-sensitising her clitoral and vaginal region. Fortunately, this is largely untrue. In fact, if you are only able to orgasm with a vibrator, this is nothing to be ashamed of. Many women have difficulty reaching climax through normal sex; they take longer than men do. Nowadays, vibrators come in so many different shapes, colours, and sizes, there’s something for everyone. You can even use them with your partner so they can feel more involved in the process. Remote vibrators have made partner involvement way more fun. You don’t need to worry about dead vagina syndrome, so why not introduce a fun new toy to your sex life. You never know, your partner may end up loving it as much as you do.