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It’s Time to Replace Your Vibrator

It’s true, many vibrators these days are made from durable material that will last for years. But if you’re still using the vibrator you bought 10 years ago, it’s time to buy a new one. Janet Lieberman, an expert on the subject, says vibrators are like kitchen utensils, you can’t tell when it’s going to run out of juice.
Vibrators can last anywhere from two months to a few years. Being loyal to a single toy isn’t always safe because time can impact the quality of the material, as well as electronic functioning and overall pleasure. Besides, new and improved vibrators are constantly being designed, so why limit yourself to one form of pleasure.

Some of the health risks

First, the plastic may deteriorate. Lisa Finn, a sex educator, claims toys made of glass, stainless steel, gold, and ABS plastics will last longer. Silicone on the other hand can deteriorate much faster, meaning you’ll need to replace it sooner. Many silicone toys are blended with PVC, a substance that uses phthalates that keep molecules loose. These then break up into your body when the silicone begins to worsen.
Keep in mind, if it’s 100% medical-grade, platinum silicone, you will have no problems keeping your vibrator for years to come. These vibrators only get damaged when exposed to other silicone products, like silicone based lubricants. If your toy begins to smell weird, change colours or feel different, you need to replace it.
Second, porous material hides bacteria. If your vibrator isn’t cleaned properly, bacteria and fungus begin to grow. Dr. Maureen Whelihan, a gynecologist, says this can lead to infections and other irritations in the vagina. This is especially true if you use your vibrator for vaginal and anal play. Again, how clean your toy remains depends on the material it’s made from. Glass, 100% medical-grade platinum silicone, and gold usually won’t catch bacteria because it can’t penetrate these materials. Vinyl toys on the other hand will catch bacteria eventually, no matter how much you scrub them. Bacteria isn’t the biggest health risk, but it will cause the material to deteriorate faster.

Other factors to keep in mind

The motor in your vibrator will eventually break. They are electronic after all, and like most electronic items, they tend to run out of steam eventually. Buttons and charging ports may also get damaged from consistent use. If your vibrator no longer charges properly, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.
The worst thing about an old vibrator is boredom. If you use the same vibrator for too long, you’ll stop pushing your sexual borders whether you are enjoying time alone or with a partner. The range of vibrators available has opened sexual exploration. Getting stuck in a cycle is limiting. If you start feeling this way, get yourself a new vibrator. More than this, vibrators are finally being accepted into our culture meaning more effort is made to create top-of-the-line products of pleasure.

Get a new vibrator

If your vibrator has begun to feel weird, smell funky, change colours or flake, you need a new one. Your body is precious and you want to avoid unnecessary bacteria. When replacing your vibrator, consider the material it’s made from, as well as the type of electronic system it has. Most importantly, if your vibrator leaves you feeling bored, get a new one. The advances in technology have broadened the range of products available. Set your sexuality free and try something new. Change can be scary, but it’s one of the only constants in life.



The World Before Vibrators

Nowadays, it feels like vibrators are conventional. You can buy them almost anywhere, and in cities like Amsterdam, there is no shame walking into a sex shop. But, it was only in the 1970s that a group of innovative women introduced sex-positive, female-centric adult products to the industry. Podcasts like Savage Love show just how mainstream female, sex-positivity has become. You can even buy adult products fairly cheaply on sites like Amazon. Before this, women would have to venture to seedy parts of town, often facing harassment and judgement, to purchase their precious vibrators. Nothing about the process was female friendly, and they were made to feel embarrassed for wanting to explore their sexuality.

The Beginning of Female-centric Stores

A group of feminist women were tired of the discrimination they faced when purchasing vibrators, often having to invent elaborate stories as to why they needed a massager. They decided to create an environment where women could comfortably buy adult products, but also learn about their own sexuality. This is significant because at the time the market for female-centric sex toys was virtually non-existent. These powerful women saw a need and seized the opportunity to meet it.
Initially, many of these female-friendly stores didn’t stock dildos because of the connotations of phallic symbolism. Their aim was to promote female sexuality without male influence, focusing on clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. In fact, in the beginning, many stores were worried about selling lingerie because of the degrading stereotypes depicted in the then booming pornography industry. These stores wanted to promote sexual liberation for women, not debased sexual representations. They soon realised this was limiting because they were pushing what they thought all other women wanted; hence, they eventually stocked dildos and lingerie.

The Evolution of the Feminist, Adult Products Store

In the early 1970s, the stores predominantly focused on white, middle-class females. They catered to a narrow market. As time progressed, these enterprising women realised they wanted to create a business that was not only female-friendly, but lesbian and queer-friendly. Today, these businesses have become about servicing the needs of pan-gendered and pansexual individuals. They provide sexual liberation for anyone who was previously disenfranchised. Selling adult products as exclusively feminist began to have a negative impact on the business, as people began to link feminism with being anti-sex; hence the shift in focus. It must be noted these changes were not about profits but about creating real social change for anyone who faces sexual discrimination.

The Legacy of Feminist Sex Toy Stores

Women owned sex shops were uncommon during the 70s and 80s, whereas today, they are more widespread. Now, toys are being created by women for women. This has revolutionised conversations on female sexuality and led to an abundance of choice when it comes to finding your perfect pleasure. In fact, thanks to these pioneering women, buying adult products online has been made significantly easier than ever before, with major online retailers stocking a range of female-friendly products. Today, women can experience orgasms they never thought possible. The future of the female-centric, sex-toy industry is unclear, but these inventive women laid the foundation for sex-positive entrepreneurship, now an industry standard. These feminist stores educate and empower women sexually and will continue you to do so even as we become more online-driven.



The Rise of the Female Sex Robot

The rise of female sex robots, or sex-bots as they are often termed, has left many women feeling somewhat unsettled. Are females being replaced by machines with flawless skin and vaginas that will never get loose? Are they creating unrealistic standards of sex or has that always existed?

The Feminist Implications of the Sex-bot

It’s understandable for women to feel this way. The number of female sex-bots far out ways the number of male ones. For many women, it feels anti-feminist because it’s a way of replacing a real, breathing, nagging women with a robot that will do as it’s told every time. It makes one question where the future of sex for men and women is headed. Women wanted independence from male sexual domination, but did they want to be replaced by a robot all together? The rise of the sex-bot has hints of the misogynistic pornography days of the 70s when women would simply obey rather than have equal power in the bedroom.
This is only one way of looking at it. Maybe the rise of the sex robot is indicative of the growing disconnect and loneliness in society. Men, just as women, may feel the need to create life-like sexual objects so they can not only feel pleasure, but also love. It is possible the production of sex-bots speaks to a greater problem within society. This may be unlikely but the levels of loneliness in our over-connected world is staggering.

The Tragedy of Sex-bot

While the advances in technology may seem impressive when examining at sex-bots, it’s more of a tragedy. Instead of people connecting with each other physically and sexually, they are choosing to do so with machines. Sure, things like VR and 3D gaming have made this possible for many years, but sex robots remove the human element on a whole new level. More than this, it creates an unrealistic image of women’s bodies, but also of what sexual relationships are all about. Herein lies the real problem with sex-bots; some men would prefer to engage in sexual practices with an unrealistic, idealised woman, than deal with real human interaction. The few male sex-bots that have been developed have also created an unrealistic sexual ideal for women. The most recent example of this is the sex-bot that bears a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber. The tragedy is people would rather choose fantasy over reality. These men and women are free to treat the robot as they please, be it abusively or kindly. This could be seen as a positive thing because real women, and even some men, will be spared from physical pain and damaging relationships with these types of people.

Think of the Poor Sex-bot

While many women feel enraged by the invention of these sex-bots, there are more who feel sorry for them. The type of men who will purchase such a toy will inflict pain and torture intended for a living, breathing woman. For most women, it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. This mentality has existed for many years, so the rise of the sex-bot doesn’t seem so outrageous. Who knows, maybe the creator of sex-bots was an abused women looking for a way to keep these violent men away. Whatever the reason, women can’t help but feel empathetic to the perfect, mechanical women who will have no choice but to obey.



Why You Need to Buy Your Partner a Sex Toy

Is your partner’s birthday coming up? Is your anniversary around the corner? Maybe you need to get them something for Valentine’s Day or Christmas? Have you thought of giving them a vibrator? Your first instinct may be to give a hard no and list off all the reasons why. You’re worried about offending them; what if they like the sex toy more than you; you definitely don’t need a vibrator because you have one another; your partner is male… And so the list of reasons not to venture outside your comfort zone goes on. Well, maybe it’s time to change your perspective. Sex toys can bring new passion into the bedroom.

What are the reasons for buying a Vibrator?

First, it’s unlikely your partner will feel offended. In America alone, more than half of the population admits to using some form of adult product. Besides, if you’re partner is offended, you might need to assess your relationship. You shouldn’t feel guilty for trying to improve your sex life.
Second, if you feel intimidated by a sex toy, there is no need to fear. Women may get stronger orgasms from their toys than from you, but that doesn’t mean they will stop wanting sex altogether. Sex is about more than an orgasm. It’s about the connection of two bodies; a vibrator can’t provide that. Sex toys can be used to enhance foreplay and the passion during sex. In fact, recent studies have shown that men worry about vibrators less than originally thought. Women may end up loving their partners more because they are given the gift of orgasm.
Third, it’s true you can argue both partners are equally satisfied, but the reality is many women don’t reach orgasm during sex. No one is to blame for this; women often take longer to reach climax than men. It’s completely natural. Giving your partner the gift of orgasm will only enhance your sex life. Even if your partner is able to orgasm through sex, you can simply add a unique dynamic to your sex life.

How Much will this Cost?

Yes, there are many toys out there that are very expensive. You might not want to spend more than $400 on a fancy toy. You wouldn’t blink an eye at spending money on a new TV. Why would you be reluctant to spend an equal amount on a product that will expand your sex life? Today, you don’t have to spend huge amounts on sex toys. They have become cheaper and more readily available, but still of a very high quality. It’s even possible to buy them online without fear of judgement. The cost of vibrators shouldn’t be something that stops you from changing your sex life forever.

My Partner is Male

If you have a male partner, you can still gift him with a sex toy. Nowadays, toys for men have become increasingly popular. From penis necklaces to cock rings, there are many products to pleasure you and your partner. You could even get a massager to help loosen your partner’s tense muscles before getting frisky. You can use a pocket vagina to help your partner masturbate while he controls your remote vibrator at the same time. There are many special vibrators that leave enough space for your partner to penetrate, giving both of you vibrating pleasure.
Having these toys in the bedroom can help increase the number of orgasms each of you experience. You can connect with one another on a new sexual level.



Is Dead Vagina Syndrome a Real Thing?

People have blamed women being unable to reach orgasm on dead vagina syndrome for many years. The stories are often so scary it’s enough to put any woman off sex toys for her whole life. The questions is, does dead vagina syndrome really exist or is it just a tale used to stop women enjoying solo pleasure? Have you ever heard of dead vagina syndrome? Basically, the concept is if you use a vibrator too often, your tolerance to clitoral pleasure will build up resulting in an inability to reach orgasm. Dead vagina syndrome theorists believe you will eventually become completely de-sensitised and will never feel sexual pleasure again, not even through sex with a partner. Sure, it has some logic. If you do the same thing over and over again, you may stop getting pleasure from it, but this syndrome has largely been disproved.

What do Real Experts Say?

Dr. Shazia Malik, a gynecologist, says there is absolutely no evidence that supports theories of dead vagina syndrome. It is true your vagina experiences decreased sensations once you’ve finished using a vibrator, but it’s temporary. You will soon get all the feeling back and be ready for round two, three, and four. There are other times women have this same feeling, like after giving birth, having sex with another person, during breastfeeding, and while taking hormonal birth control. Research shows, particularly after vibrator use, these symptoms disappear after one hour. Studies were done on the effect of vibrators on the hand. They found that the loss of sensation in hands was temporary and believe this is the same for the vagina and clitoris. You can definitely experience feelings of numbness, but it’s almost never permanent. This means you really have nothing to fear when using your vibrator. Only 0.5% of women say the numbness lasts for more than a day, but even they had sensations return.

Vibrators Make Orgasm Easier

The theory of dead vagina syndrome may have developed because reaching orgasm with a vibrator is so much easier. It is medical knowledge that it’s easier to orgasm when giving self-pleasure than when having sex; this is the case for men, too. Dead vagina syndrome claims that a woman can’t climax with her partner because she has used her vibrator too much, de-sensitising her clitoral and vaginal region. Fortunately, this is largely untrue. In fact, if you are only able to orgasm with a vibrator, this is nothing to be ashamed of. Many women have difficulty reaching climax through normal sex; they take longer than men do. Nowadays, vibrators come in so many different shapes, colours, and sizes, there’s something for everyone. You can even use them with your partner so they can feel more involved in the process. Remote vibrators have made partner involvement way more fun. You don’t need to worry about dead vagina syndrome, so why not introduce a fun new toy to your sex life. You never know, your partner may end up loving it as much as you do.



Sex Toys are Older than You Think

Sex toys date back further than you think. In recent studies, Hallie Lieberman and Kate Lister, discovered sex toys from as far back as the Ice Age era. In Eurasia, phallic objects were found, and in south-western Germany, dildo-like articles made of bone and ivory have been located. Archaeologists still argue about their uses, but it seems pretty obvious.
In around 411BC, penis-like “toys” grew in popularity in ancient Greece, even getting a mention in Lysistrata, a famous play of the time. The Bible also makes reference to sex toys in Ezekiel 16:7. While it says you shouldn’t use them, something we clearly didn’t listen to, it’s evident they have been around for ages.
Artistic representations of dildos have been found on vases from Greece and Japan from around 28,000BC. Many people believe sex toys are a sign of society’s immoral decline, but they have existed in human culture from the start.

What does the industry look like today?

Today, sex toys are a multi-billion dollar industry. You can get anything from vibrators and dildos to cock rings and pocket vaginas. You’d think this wide range of adult products signifies a more open minded society, particularly among men who see them as a threat, but it’s not the case.
In Lieberman’s book, Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy, she writes that in the 1800s and early 1900s we were more progressive. Newspapers like the New York Times would openly advertise adult products.
Sure, they focused on the medical benefits of sex toys, but today some famous brands still won’t acknowledge what their products are designed for. In fact, it’s only in recent history that obscenity laws changed, with early distributors having to disguise their products as “marital aids” or “novelty items”. Even in Sex and the City, the characters openly talk about their sex toys, but when purchasing one, they had to disguise its real use. Lieberman believes sex toys, which began being sold openly as such in the 1960s, are viewed as dangerous because they are symbolic of women’s sexual liberation.
Even Fifty Shades of Grey only demonstrates the use of sex toys with a male partner, choosing not to show how toys can assist women in discovering their sexuality alone.

The Man Who Revolutionised Vibrators for Women

Despite men feeling threatened by the booming sex toy industry, there was one man who stood for female independence. His name was Gosnell Duncan. In the 1970’s, he had been paralysed in an accident, leaving him unable to perform sexually. He decided to make female-friendly sex toys. At the time, the toys available were made from terrible material, often smelled like chemicals, and were exceptionally uncomfortable to use. On top of this, they were almost always fashioned after male genitalia. The assumption was if women wanted to please themselves, they definitely wanted to do it with toys resembling the male member.
Duncan knew this to be untrue and began creating dildos and vibrators that came in many different colours, shapes and sizes.

Toys for Women by Women

Duncan’s positive influence in the sex toy industry motivated women to design toys of their own. Thanks to his pioneering spirit, women began designing toys that focus more on clitoral stimulation than penetration. Inspired by the idea that sex toys don’t have to resemble phallic objects, women began creating massagers and dildos concentrating on girth instead of length. This truly allowed women to begin exploring their sexuality through masturbation. Lieberman believes vibrators should be covered by health insurance in the same way as Viagra. She says a woman’s sexual health is as important as a man’s.

Shift to Online Shopping

For the most part, the rise of adult products available online is positive. It gives people the comfort to buy products in complete privacy. People also review products, which helps educate people on what’s available in the part.