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The Top Ten Vibrators

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Better than all the rest

Research is paramount when buying something important or expensive. Buying the first thing you find can often lead to disappointment. A sex toy is one of those products you can’t try, decide you don’t like it, and then send it back. That’s why you must do proper research before making a purchase.
The Top Ten vibrators are ranked according to the ratings received from customers who have used and rated them on our website.

You are buying a non-returnable product

The nature of sex toys doesn’t allow you to return them if you are not happy for obvious reasons. Reading the reviews and ratings of other customers is the best way to decide whether you want to try a product or not.  

How are the products rated? 

The customer can give a rating out of 5 for the product. These ratings are then calculated to give an average out of five. They are then ranked from 1 to 10. Even if a product received 5 stars, it’s always advisable to read the reviews that customers wrote. Sometimes products rank very high because they were newly launched or a long awaited product. It might not necessarily be what you are looking for in a vibrator.
The ratings are based on multiple reviews. It’s not possible for a product to be rated No. 1 after one user review. This system ensures the rated products are tried by a greater number of users, giving you a better indication of the quality.