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The Top Ten Vibrators

Loud vibrators are the ultimate buzz kill

I need a very quiet vibrator

If you live in a building where you are surrounded by neighbours, you do not necessarily want them to listen in on your pleasure time. In fact, sounding like the local mosquito nest is not a nickname you want for your home. 

Quiet vibrators, your new companion to happiness

When you read the product description regarding each product you will notice that there are various vibration patterns and speeds. Logic explains that the stronger the vibrations the louder the toy will be. However, with new technology that is really not the case.  

Where do you use your favourite sex toy? 

Using your favourite toy outdoors will be louder than using it indoors. It is really not advisable to use the toys in nature, as it can have dire effects on you as well as the toy. When you use your toy indoors, the chance of it being heard or it being loud, is very small.  

If you have a noisy roommate, and the person is standing against the door, then it will be heard. Like any sounds coming from the room. Having some private playtime, covered with some blankets, the sounds will be muffled. In fact, your phone vibration will be louder than the noises coming from the toy. 

By placing the toy inside your body, the sounds will hardly be heard, in fact if you weren’t the one feeling the vibrations you might not even hear the vibrations.  

New technology and designs allow the toy to be super quiet but still packing a lot of vibration power. The sex toy is designed with discretion in mind, which is why you must have heard about the pop up vibrator stores in the USA. In these stores they offer you a sex toy to try out in a little masturbation booth, the loudest sounds are the moans of pleasure that you hear. 

Never allow the fear of being heard, prevent you from buying a sex toy. When the toy is used correctly, there is a very small chance of actually hearing the vibration. 

Keep in mind that it is not only the vibration that makes a sounds. When the toy is used between two partners, there will be some communication coming from both partners. If you are flying solo, you will obviously make some pleasurable sounds as well.  

If you feel that you might be heard, which is unlikely anyway, it is always a good idea to put on some music. It will even help you to get into the mood as well. The strength of the vibrations will not have an influence on the amount of noise the toy makes. There are even some smart vibrators that can vibrate to the rhythm of your favourite song!  

The size of the vibrator also have no effect on the amount of noise that the toy makes. Small vibrators sometimes have much more vibration strength than the bigger models. Whether you are a soft moaned or screamer, the vibration sounds will not be your biggest concern of being heard!