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Returns policy

Hygiene and safety is our number priority. Imagine if you go into a department store and you can buy underwear that was returned. It is very gross and unhygienic.

We do not accept any returns once the box are opened. We offer a 30 (thirty) days warranty. If the product is faulty, you can send it back to the following address:

(insert return address)

Please include the following information:

Name and Surname

Contact details

Order number as per invoice

Reason for returning

If you are experiencing any problems with the product, please read the manufacture’s user manual that is included in the box. After you have done the trouble shooting and the problem persist, then you can contact us to assist you with the return procedure.

Please take note that no product will be accepted if the packaging is open or damaged except for the above mentioned issues.

We do not accept any product for return if the product has been tampered with or altered in anyway. All parts and chargers must be included in the return box. We do not accept products if not all the parts are included.

If you have any questions regarding the return policy, feel free to contact us (insert contact email)

Please visit our terms and conditions page for further information.