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Wireless purple personal massager

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  • Rechargeable, 100% Waterproof
  • Silicone+ABS
  • Color: purple and pink, black
  • L:30cm D:5cm
  • Weight :0.430Kg
  • 10 different modes

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The pleasure pole for more than just sore muscles

You will need this to help relax

You have heard the story of your friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s who had a bad with a personal massager. You know she used the extra strength motor and had permanent damage done to her special place. Luckily research has shown that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to do permanent damage, even if you use the personal massager on the highest setting possible for an extended period of time. This wireless personal massager is the nicest massager you can get for all your stiff muscles.

What you need to know before buying

The nice thing about these personal massagers is that it comes with 10 different settings and vibration options. This allows you to choose the best setting for you personally. The bendable neck on this model enables you to massage those hard to reach place. It is made from 100% medical grade silicone, and has a soft cushioned head. The motor is extra strong, giving you a better massaging experience. You can use this massaging wand all over your body, from your stiff neck down to your sore feet after a long day. Remember to massage your toes as well as this will enhance the relaxing experience.
If you have never used a personal massager before, this wand will probably be the best wand for first time buyers. If you are an experienced user, this wand comes with an extra strength motor to give you that extra boost that you might need. It is great to help relax any muscly that is stiff, and might be beneficial to use on your neck if you are suffering from tension headaches.

What if I forget the charger?

Luckily these days most electronic devices come with the similar charges, so don’t worry if you forget it at home, you can probably use your charger from your smart device.

How do I introduce it into my relationship?

The great thing about this massager wand is that you do not need to hide it. If you want to charge it, you can leave it around the house as it does not look like sex toy. In fact, you might want to show your nosy friends how it work and it might change their lives.
It might be best to wait for your partner to come home and complain about a stiff muscle or a long day at work. Then you can whip out your new massager wand and surprise them with a great massage. Draw your partner a nice hot bath, add some mood candles (remember safety first when you work with fire) and start with your massage. Seeing the wand is waterproof it will blow their minds when they realize that this sneaky little device is capable of far more than just relaxing a stiff muscle. The moment when they relax their body will release some feel good hormones, making them happy and even more relax.
Always remember to start at the part of the body part with which your partner is most confident with, such as that stiff muscle they were mentioning. Once they are used to the feel and sound of the wand you can move to their special place. Don’t worry that the neighbours will hear you massaging your partner as the device is so soft that you might have a hard time hearing the sound. Hopefully your partner’s moans of satisfaction will drown out any chance of the neighbours hearing that you guys are having a great relaxing time.

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