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 The Wriggle Finger, Rabbit Massager (Purple)

$89.00 $59.00

  • Rechargeable
  • Silicone+ABS
  • Colour: Purple
  • Size: L:21cm / D:4cm
  • 8 different modes
  • 5-speed
  • Battery: 650mah
  • Motor: 7500RPM
  • Charge time: 2~3 hours
  • Working time: 1.5 hours
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Wireless

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The finger vibrator above all others

The best known personal massager in the world

You’ve definitely seen these massagers in movies and various TV shows. A woman gets that strange look on her face when she realises what this little massager can do. She’s either totally freaked out or more pleased than she’s ever been in her life. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

It’s time for the truth

This vibrator will completely change your life. The rabbit vibrator is known for its little, wriggle finger on top. Originally, it had little rabbit ears, but the design has been modified as the sex toy industry continues to grow. Now, it looks more like an adult product that will help you go down a rabbit hole of pleasure, or more like, up and down.
This toy is designed for internal and external stimulation. The big finger (think of it as the index finger) is supposed to be placed inside your vagina. The smaller finger (think of as the thumb) is strategically placed over the clitoris. This power puncher comes pre-programmed with 5 speeds and 8 different vibration patterns, giving you a wide variety of satisfying options. As with any new toy, you’ll need to test your options to find the best combo for you.

Of course, there is more!

This personal massager is totally wireless and offers about 90 minutes of play time. It is made from 100% medical-grade silicone and is waterproof, giving you the freedom to use it anywhere you please. It is a must have for your collection of massagers. If you’re a first time buyer, this will be one of your greatest purchases. Even though it looks strange, it’s easy to use.
If you’re unsure of where your clitoris is located, then this massager can help you find it. In fact, you can even use it for some anal pleasure if that’s what you’re into. Just remember, it’s not designed to be placed inside your back door, so rather use the index finger part in your vagina and allow the thumb to tickle your back door’s welcome mat.
It takes about 3 hours to fully charge this finger vibrator. Luckily, it is designed to charge between 110V and 240V, meaning you can use it almost anywhere in the world. After you realise just how much fun this massager is, you will never leave home without it.

What will my partner say if I buy this one?

One of the best things about this powerful finger vibrator is its small size. The wriggle fingers will not intimidate your partner. Once you’ve given your partner time to warm up to your new playmate, they will be just as eager to use it. Research has shown that you need extra lubrication when using sex toys, so lather up before use. Water-based lubrication is always best if you are using a toy made from silicone. The silicone in your toy will react to silicone lubrication, and this will damage your precious toy. When you prefer using a silicone based lubrication, just cover the toy with a condom. If the condom gets damaged the lubricant can leak and harm your toy.

What makes the rabbit different from other toys?

The versatility rabbit massagers offer cannot be compared to any other toy on the market. It can be used when you are flying solo or when you are rolling around in bed with your partner. Its small, but there is more than enough power to create mind boggling pleasure.

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