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Yoni Eggs and Egg Vibrators

Discover pleasure with yoni eggs and egg vibrators

Let yoni eggs enhance your sexual power

You’ve never heard of the yoni egg? Maybe you’ve heard of the jade egg or love egg? No? Well, it’s time to change your life forever. The yoni egg, or stone eggs, date back as far as 5,000 years ago. In China, Empresses of the Royal Palace, as well as concubines, used specially carved, jade eggs to unleash sexual power and sensuality. This helped them maintain incredible health as they aged. The yoni egg practice has been a top secret practice reserved for the Chinese Royal Family and certain Taoist practitioners until recently.

I want to know more

The word “yoni” means “sacred space” in Sanskrit and is used to describe female genitalia. Many believe yoni eggs were designed to honour this sacred part of the female body. With this in mind, how could you not want one?

What are the health benefits of yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs have been known to increase libido and arouse a sensuality locked deep within you. They can balance the oestrogen in your body and increase your natural lubrication, even for women in menopause. Your yoni egg will foster a love for your entire self. If you have weak vaginal walls, your yoni egg can give you greater strength. This stimulates nerve growth in the tissues and muscles of your sacred space, ultimately increasing sensitivity. You will experience an orgasm like never before. You might be weary because you’ve never had an orgasm. The yoni egg will change all that. Some people believe yoni eggs can assist with infertility and ease the pain of childbirth through strengthening the pelvic floor. The best part, they can reduce symptoms related to menstruation, like PMS and cramps.

How do I choose the right yoni egg for me?

You know your body better than anyone, but here are some basic guidelines to help you decide which yoni egg is right for you. Yoni eggs come in three different sizes, large, medium and small. Experts recommend getting a set of all three for the greatest benefit. Large is 35x50mm, medium is 30×43 and small is 25x35mm. A large egg will have the best benefit because you are more likely to feel it and have to use your muscles to keep it in place. If you struggle at first, there’s nothing to worry about. In time your muscles will strengthen.
Next, you’ll need to consider what material you want. Yoni eggs are typically made from different crystals. If you want to follow the Taoist teachings, you’d begin with Jade, move onto Black Obsidian, and finally Rose Quartz. Each crystal has a meaning and purpose. However, if you don’t want to get too spiritual, you can simply choose an exotic gemstone that you like best. There’s no need to worry about the gemstone breaking because it is designed to sustain pressure. With proper care, your yoni egg will last forever.
Lastly, you need to choose between drilled or undrilled yoni eggs. Drilled yoni eggs can have a string attached for easy removal. It does make them a little harder to clean, but gives you comfort in knowing it won’t get stuck. Undrilled yoni eggs have to be pushed out with your strong muscles and are easier to clean. You must trust your body and choose what is best for you.

Where do egg vibrators fit in?

Egg vibrators are modelled after yoni eggs. They are designed to produce pulses that strengthen your pelvic floor while giving you sensational, climactic ecstasy. Egg vibrators are available in different sizes and colours. Much like the yoni egg, begin with a smaller one and move onto larger sizes once you’ve built up strength in your pelvic floor. Get vaginally fit with yoni eggs and egg vibrators.

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