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Sex Toys for Women

Yes, women prefer different sex toys to men!

Female anatomy

Women prefer different sex toys to men. Why, you may ask? Well, the female anatomy is completely different to men. There are three intimate zones for you to reach orgasm. In fact, some experts believe there are five. They consist of areas both inside and outside the body.
Inside the vagina you will find the G-spot and the A-spot. The A-spot is just above the G-spot. Women can experience powerful orgasms when both are stimulated. It is also possible to orgasm through anal play, clitoral stimulation and nipple titillation. Some women are only able to climax through internal and external stimulants. Today, there are many products on the market offering internal and external pleasure.

External stimulation

No, this doesn’t refer to having sex in a public place. These are the pleasure zones located outside the vagina and anus. Most women experience orgasm from clitoral stimulation. This little muscle is located on the upper side of female genitals. Vibrators can be used to stimulate this ultra-sensitive area and push women over the edge of ecstasy.
Most vibrators designed for internal stimulation can be used externally. Some vibrators, with a wider variety of speed and vibration patterns, are even better when used outside your body.

Internal stimulation

G-Spot and A-zone stimulation

There are various vibrators on the market designed for G-spot stimulation. Find your G-spot before buying a toy designed to stimulate that area. You can find it about 2.5cm inside the vagina; it often feels rippled. While you are looking for your G-spot, feel a bit deeper. The first smooth area you reach is your A-zone; another great place for internal pleasure.
There are vibrators solely designed for internal stimulation. The speed and vibration patterns are important when deciding what to buy. More options means a greater chance for over-the-edge satisfaction.

Anal stimulation

Be sure to use a toy specifically designed for anal stimulation. These toys must have a wider base at the bottom to prevent it from slipping in and getting lost. You do not want to go the emergency room in the middle of a passionate session. Technically, your anus has a no-return policy, which means you must buy smaller toys. Something as small as your pinkie finger is a good place to start. If you are more accustomed to anal play, you can try something bigger.

Female sex toys are great gifts

Buying a sex toy voucher for a women is one of the best gifts you can give. Each body is different so let her decide what she likes. Treat yourself to a vibrator at the same time. It’s important to do as much research as possible because there are so many to choose from. Read reviews, ask your friends and make a decision from there. Buy a smaller toy if the size makes you nervous. A bigger toy doesn’t mean greater pleasure. In fact, some of the smallest toys have the most power. Find what will suit your needs the best.

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