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Sex toys for women

Yes, women prefer different sex toys than men!

Female anatomy

Women prefer different sex toys than men, why you may ask? Well if you think about it, the female anatomy is very different than their male counterparts. There are three (some experts say five), intimate zones where women can reach orgasm. These zones are also placed on different parts of the body, some inside the vagina and other on top.
Inside the vagina you will find the G-spot and the A-spot. The A-spot is just higher up in the vagina from the G-spot. Women are also able to reach anal orgasms, orgasms from clitoral stimulation as well as orgasms from nipple stimulation. Some women are only able to reach climax if they are experiencing internal and external stimulation. Luckily there are various toys on the market that offer stimulation for all the different intimate zones!

Outside stimulation

This does not refer to having sexual intercourse in a public or outside place! This refers to the stimulation zones that are not located inside the vagina or the anus. Most women experience orgasm from clitoral stimulation. The little pleasure knob that is located on the upper side of the female genitalia, can push loads of women over the edge. The vibrators that can be used for clitoral as well as nipple stimulation.
Most of the vibrators that are made for internal stimulation, can be used for outside stimulation as well. Some vibrators with a wider variety of speed and vibration patterns is good for outside stimulation. The different speed and vibration patterns can take a woman over the brink of ecstasy, especially if it is used on the pleasure knob.

Internal stimulation

G-Spot and A-zone stimulation

There are various vibrators on the market that is designed for G-spot stimulation. It is a good idea to find your G-spot before getting a toy that is designed to stimulate that area. It is about 2.5cm inside your vagina, it will feel kind of rippled. It doesn’t help that you buy a toy for G-Spot stimulation if you do not know where it is located. While you are looking for your G-spot, feel a bit deeper. The first smooth area that you will reach is you’re A-zone. Which is also great for internal stimulation.
There are various vibrators that is made solely for internal stimulation. The speed and vibration patterns are important for this stimulation. The greater the variety of options, the great the chance that you will be pushed over the edge of satisfaction.

Anal stimulation

Be sure that the toy you buy is made specifically anal stimulation. These type of toys, must have a wider base at the bottom to ensure that it will not slip in and get lost. You do not want to go the emergency room in the middle of a play session. Your anus is a technically a no return valve, which means that you must buy a smaller toy. Start with something as small as your pinkie finger. If you get use to that you can increase the size.

Women sex toys are great gifts and things to have

You can hardly go wrong if you need to buy a sex toy, whether for yourself or as a gift. Women sex toys are a vast field of choice and variety. Choose the toy that you feel will best suit your needs. Read reviews and decide. If you feel intimidated by the size of a toy, look for something smaller. A bigger toy will not necessarily give you a better experience, sometimes smaller toys have more power than larger ones. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your choice!

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