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Vibrators for Men

Sex toys/ Vibrators for Men

The best sex toys for men

Huge focus is placed on female sex toys, but there is a vast range of male toys available, too. If you are looking for something different, then try using a sex toy for men.

Days of the Fleshlight are over

The first toy that pops into your mind might be Fleshlights. Fortunately for men, there has been great diversification of male toys in the last few years, with many more options becoming available each year.

Prostate Massagers

One of the greatest additions to the male sex toy market is the prostate massager. This vibrating sex toy can be inserted for direct stimulation. Alternatively, it can be used for stimulation on the perineum. Either way, your mind will be blown by the powerful pleasure packed within the prostate stimulator.

Cock Rings

The cock ring is a favourite for couples and singles alike. The silicone ring fits snugly over the shaft of the penis, and the vibrating unit can be placed either on top or underneath. With the vibrating unit on top of the shaft, there will be clitoral stimulation for your female partner, while the perineum will be stimulated if it’s placed at the bottom. The vibrations felt through the ring bring maximum pleasure to the wearer. Cock rings are readily available, making it a fantastic first time sex toy. It’s not as intimidating as some of the other toys, so your partner may be excited to give it a try.

Do men really use sex toys?

Sex toys have largely been targeted to women, but designers in the industry are beginning to consider men when thinking of their newest invention. In fact, you’d be surprised how many men already use sex toys. Men can even buy sex dolls, and more recently robotic sex dolls.
Sex toys are there to enhance the pleasure experience, whether you are single or in a relationship. Most female toys are designed for clitoral or G-spot stimulation, and male sex toys are designed in much the same way. There are also various toys that offer testicular stimulation. These types of toys can be placed over the sack, either to restrict blood flow or add gentle vibration stimulation. Sex toys have been created to enhance sexual pleasure. They aren’t performance enhancers. They are designed to add a mind blowing twist to your sexy time.

Choosing sex toys can be hard!

You need to decide what you want from a sex toy before making a purchase. There are a few obvious questions you must ask first, such as if you want internal or external stimulation. Are you comfortable with inserting something? Will you be using it alone or with a partner?
If you want to use the sex toy for internal stimulation, make sure the toy is specifically made for anal play. Anal toys have a bigger and wider base to prevent it from slipping in and getting lost. If you are a first time buyer, avoid buying the biggest sex toy you can find. Choose a toy that is no wider than your thumb. This will be safer and more comfortable. The braver you get, the bigger you can go.
Lubrication is key to safe and fun sex toy use even when you are enjoying it alone. You do not want to get friction burns on your naughty bits. It’s best to use water-based lubricants. Getting wet is always fun.

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