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Rabbit Vibrators

Take a journey down the rabbit hole!

A rabbit every woman needs

We’ve all seen the rabbit vibrator on TV and in movies. It looks scary and intimidating; however, the rabbit vibrator is probably one of the best sex toys you’ll ever have.

First things first

The rabbit vibrator has two sections, the bigger bottom part and the smaller top part. Some rabbit vibrators have two bunny ears on the top area.
The bigger, bottom part is for internal, G-spot stimulation while the shorter, top part is mainly for clitoral stimulation. Various research has shown that most women are not able to reach climax if they don’t experience penetration and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. The rabbit vibrator offers both. Most modern rabbit vibrators offer different speed settings for each part.

Why do I need a rabbit vibrator?

It can be difficult to choose a sex toy in today’s glorious market; however, the rabbit vibrator is women’s first choice, especially when it comes to solo play.
The images of this personal massager make it seem more intimidating than reality. The bottom usually measures around 20cm while the top is a mere 4cm long. Remember, the vaginal region is made of muscles that can stretch to accommodate most sizes, so 20cm won’t be too big. It’s better to insert it a little at a time to avoid injury and maximise pleasure.
The G-spot, which is located inside the vagina, offers the greatest stimulation when being penetrated. The sensitive clitoris, being located on top of the naughty bits, is packed with nerve endings. When you use the rabbit vibrator, you will reach pleasure like you have never experienced before.

Why do I need to know when I want to use this adult toy?

It’s important to avoid injury while using any sex toy. Start using the rabbit vibrator on other areas of the body before moving to your more private regions. There are various areas of the body that can be stimulated for pleasure before heading down south.
Trying the different vibration settings on your lips and nose will give you some indication as to how it’ll feel in more sensitive areas. The tip of your nose has almost the same number of nerve endings as your clitoral area. The nipples and stomach are also good places to test out the vibrations.
When you find the vibration pattern and speed setting for you, start using it around your vaginal region. By the time you get to your naughty bits, you will probably be wet, wild and ready. It’s a good idea to use water-based lubrication even if you only use it externally. With the rabbit vibrator, you must add extra lubrication to both parts, as clitoral stimulation can be painful. Friction burns are not fun for anyone.
The rabbit vibrator is a great place to start for first time users or a sensational addition to an expert’s collection. It offers various speeds and vibration patterns that will blow your mind and have you experiencing pleasure like never before.

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