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Sex toys for couples

Yes, your relationship needs some spice

Mind blowing sex toys for couples available

The rabbit

Yes, the rabbit can be seen as the best toy for someone who is flying solo. However, your mind will be blown if you use it with a partner as well. The great thing about the rabbit vibrator is that your partner can use the vibrator to give you extensive pleasure without even touching you. The smaller finger, which is designed for clitoral stimulation, is great to use for stimulation of the nipples and the tip of the male love stick!

The ultimate couples vibrator

A few years ago the sex toy industry was taken by storm by the release of a U-shaped vibrator. For some it looked alienated while other embrace the new design with a big smile.
The U-shaped vibrator is great for female stimulation as it fits snuggly over the clitoris as well as gives G-spot stimulation. There is enough space left for penetration as well, whether it is done with the male love stick or other toys or even fingers. The U-shape vibrator is also great for two female partners, allowing great opportunities for internal and external stimulation.

The massager wand

This is a great versatile toy to have in any collection. Most models offer a great variety in speed and vibration patterns. However, the uses for this massager is not only restricted to sexual pleasure. Some of the stronger models can also be used as a normal massager to help relax stiff muscles.
Try stimulating your partner on various body parts that are not near the naughty bits. The vibration is so strong that it can turn into a sensual massage in no time!

How do I introduce a sex toy with my partner?

When you buy a sex toy, introducing it must be done with a lot of patience. Especially if your partner is new to sex toys. Allow them to feel and use the sex toy while there are no sex involved. Let them try it out on different parts of their bodies, like the tip of the nose.
If you whip out the sex toy in the middle of a love making session, the chances are there that you will freak out your partner and kill the mood. After they have touched and used the toy, you can show them how stimulating the toy is for you. It is a great way to do foreplay. You stimulating yourself and showing your partner exactly what it is that need and want from them.
Ensure that you keep loads of lubrication at hand. Water based lubrication is best to use with sex toys made from silicone. You must ensure your partner that you did not buy the sex toy to replace your partner, but that it was bought to maximize the pleasure you are both experiencing.
If your partner is reluctant to use the sex toy at first, it is best to put it away and try another time again. If you push the use of the sex toy, you might end up having a big fight.
Mutual pleasure is key when you are using a sex toy as a couple. Try to introduce it in a fun way. Also make sure that they toy you have bought is actually for couples, as some toys are only designed with one partner in mind.

Hygiene is key

Teach your partner from the start that the toy cannot be used for anal and vaginal play if there are not some precautions taken. It is advisable to use the toy first for vaginal play and then for anal play. IF you want to start with anal play, then it is a good idea to cover the toy with a condom.

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