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Cheap Vibrators

How much does a good vibrator cost?

Is a cheap vibrator bad quality?

Determining quality cannot only be done by looking at the price. When it comes to personal massagers and sex toys, it is a good idea to keep price and quality in mind.

How do I know if a toy is good quality?

No matter how much you are paying for a sex toy, the quality will never be determined by the price. In fact, not even the brand name of the product can guarantee the quality. Always read the reviews of a toy if you are interested in a specific one. The opinions of other users will give you a good idea as to what to expect and how they have experienced the sex toy. Most users will say how the quality was as well as the feel of the toy.

What must I look for in a sex toy?

It is important to determine what type of material was used to make the sex toy, the most common material is silicone. It is important to ensure that it is 100% medical grade silicone. If it was not made of medical grade silicone, it is advisable to steer clear of the toy. The medical grade silicone enables the toy to get wet as well as the use of lubrication, without having dire effects on it.
Battery life is also a good thing to look at. Just because a toy comes with a hefty price tag, does not mean that it will have a decent battery life. Remember that the amount of vibration patterns and speed will have an effect on the battery life. The best way to determine the battery life, is see how long it takes to reach a full charge and then see how long the play time is. It doesn’t help you need to charge it the whole day, only to use for an hour. A good ratio to look at is 2:1. If the sex toy charges 90minutes and gives you 60minutes play time, then you are looking at decent battery life. Do not compare the battery life with any other smart device you own. The vibrator is obviously more active at a time than a smart device which only vibrates when something happens on the screen.

How about a guarantee?

Think about it. Would you like to buy a sex toy that was returned because of a “satisfaction” guarantee that was not met? Is a satisfaction guarantee actually a logical guarantee to give? Being satisfied by a sex toy is a very subjective experience. The user might be using it wrong or the toy might just not be their taste. Obviously those toys need be sold again; this is when you see opened box deals and the like. Do you really want to buy a second hand toy?
The only guarantee or warranty that you must look at is the one that you can use when the toy is faulty or broken. There are usually very strict return policies regarding this. Price is not detrimental of a guarantee or good customer service.

So which one must I buy then?

Always look for the best product at the best possible price. If you have heard about a toy or seen one, the best idea is to search various websites before deciding to buy. There are loads of different brands and toys available to choose from. Do not just buy the brand name because you are familiar with it. In fact the brand name and the unknown brand might come from the same factory.
Best advice before buying a sex toy; do you research and determine what you want in a toy, then look for the best possible toy for the best possible price.

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