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Plain Discreet Packaging

Discreet Packaging 

Discretion is key with our boring everyday packaging. We take your privacy extremely serious, which is why we ensure that our packaging is not nearly as exciting as our thousands of products. Our very boring packaging allows you to shop with confidence and complete privacy. 

All our orders are packaged in a boring box and wrapped in even more boring plastic, not giving away any information as to what is inside the box, neither as to who or where it is from. 

Depending on what country you order from, some Customs and Regulations may require order details on the outside of the packaging and we must apply a Customs or Importer’s label to the parcel.  

As a matter of discretion and privacy we state the contents as “Novelty Items”.  

Unfortunately we cannot control what the courier company puts on the box. 


What details will show on the package? 

All packages are required to have a visible return address on them as mandated by Australia Post.  

Our return address shows as Bodcity Pty LTD on all our packages, because we know curiosity killed the cat. 

There will be no markings on the back or side of your package. The only visible markings will be your address label on the front or top and sometimes a courier sticker, depending on the service used for your designated country of delivery. 


What does the packaging look like? 

All our packages are will be wrapped in boring, discreet looking, black plastic bag.