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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent asked questions answered, just for you

How do I clean my sex toy?

Wash your sex toy with a mild liquid detergent, like a very mild dish soap, in warm water. Ensure to rinse it properly as any soap residue will have an adverse reaction if you use it.

Do I need to use lubrication?

It is always advisable to use lubrication, even you are not planning on inserting the sex toy. There will be friction between the toy and whichever body part you choose to use it on. The lubrication will ensure that you do not hurt your skin.

Can I use silicone based lubrication?

Silicone lubrication is not advised for the use will sex toys made out of silicone. The two different types of silicone will react with each other, and in the process damage your new favourite playmate. If you are looking for a smoother glide that the silicone based lubrication offers, you can cover your sex toy with a condom. This will not be possible with all types of toys.

What type of lubrication must I use?

Water based lubrication is best to use with sex toys.

How do I store my sex toy?

Sex toys can get cover by dust, it is recommended that you store it in a dark place, where it is less likely to get in contact with dust. Most sex toys come with a pouch, specifically for storage.

Must I clean the sex toy often?

Hygiene is very important, because the sex toy will come in contact with very sensitive areas of your body. Clean the sex toy before and after every use. Do not store it after use if you had not clean it. It will be a breeding ground for bacteria if you store it without properly cleaning it first!

Can I use the sex toy if I am allergic to silicone?

All our products are made out of 100% medical grade silicone. If you are allergic to silicone it is not advisable to use sex toys made out of silicone. You cannot just cover the toy with a condom and think that it will be fine. Condoms can tear and then expose your to the silicone. Rather buy sex toys that are not made out of silicone.

Can I use the sex toys for anal and vaginal sex?

If you want to use a toy for anal play, it is important to ensure that the toy was made for anal play. Anal sex toys have a wider base which prevents it from slipping in and getting lost. Do not use a sex toy for anal and vaginal play without a condom or cleaning it before using it on the other body part. There can be a transfer of bacteria between the anus and vagina which can lead to infection.

How long can I use the vibrator at a time?

The main thing about sex toy use is that you do not hurt yourself. The moment that you experience any discomfort, you must stop use immediately. It is recommended that you do not use the toy for extended periods of time.

Does the vibrator have an expiry date?

Vibrators are not made with expiry dates, however, it is advisable to replace them the moment that you see the silicone is compromised.

Will I lose my virginity if I use a sex toy?

There is no straight answer as to whether you will lose your virginity when you use a sex toy. Technical losing your virginity means that the hymen covering the entrance of your vagina tears when an object is inserted into the vagina. If you are scared that you will lose your virginity when using a sex toy, it is advisable that you do not insert the sex into your vagina or not use a sex toy at all.

Do I cheat on my partner when I use a sex toy alone?

That is a matter that must be discussed between you and your partner. If you feel that you will cheat on your partner when you use a sex toy alone, it is best not to use it then. Rather introduce the sex toy as for coupe pleasure.