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The best vibrator money can buy!

How do I know it is the best vibrator?

Whether you are a first time buyer or just want to add to your existing collection, buying the best vibrator in the market is always a good idea. However, keep in mind that the best vibrator is really a subjective idea, as each consumer will have a different opinion.

How do I choose the best vibrator?

First decide what you want in a sex toy. It is not advisable to buy a toy that is for couple use when you are flying solo. Do you want a toy that can be inserted or only for outside play? Which size do you have in mind?

How do I choose a size?

Keep in mind that you will use the toy on or inside your body. Do not choose the biggest toy you can find because you think that the vibrations will be better. Sometimes the smallest toy will have stronger vibrations than the bigger toys. Use the rule of thumb, find a toy that is not much wider than your thumb. This is a good rule to follow when you are a first time buyer.

Must I choose a toy that can be inserted?

Choosing the best vibrator depends on the different functions that it has. It is advisable to buy a toy that can be inserted as well as a toy that can be used on the outside as well. Most toys are versatile, however, there are specific toys that are more for internal use.

What is the best sex toy?

In the age of technology that we live in, determining the best sex toy available is actually very easy. There cannot be one toy that is known as the best sex toy on the market. Simple reasons for this include that men will have a different opinion than woman, there might be brand specific vibrators that is seen as the best, and ultimately, the best sex toy available is a very personal and subjective matter.
After you have decided what type of toy you need, then you can start looking for the best sex toy in that category. Read reviews and check to see how the toy was rated by other users. Also look at the price. Just because a toy is expensive, does not make it the best available sex toy. If you are interested in an expensive toy, but it is outside of your budget, look for a similar toy in a cheaper price range.
Read about the sex toys that are available, what they do and what type of speed and vibration patterns they offer. Sometimes the best sex toy you can buy is an unknown model; just because not a lot of other users have discovered it yet. Keep in mind that marketing strategy will place on a specific toy, and will highlight all the great things about that toy. However, what the advertisement might not say is that it is made out of plastic instead of medical grade silicone or that it has a really short battery life.

Is there such a thing as the best vibrator then?

There is always a sex toy that can be seen as the best vibrator, even if it is just in your personal collection. You will know which toy you reach for every time you need some winding down time. You will know which toy offers you a happy ending with every use! Your satisfaction will determine which is the best toy!