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Vibrators, your next best buy

Research has shown that between 15% and 20% of women between the age of 18 and 60 has never experienced an orgasm. If you think about it, those poor women have never had a mind blowing experience! Luckily sex toys have come a long way, since that first vibrating table of the 1800’s that was powered by steam!

Why would I need a sex toy?

The question is not why would you need a personal massager, the question is rather why do you not need a personal massager? Sex toys and vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, to use on different body parts for different sensations and stimulations.

Many female users of intimate toys claim that they are unable to reach an orgasm if they do not have the help of a special battery operated friend. Most women only experience an orgasm when they enjoy clitoral and penetrative stimulation at the same time. Luckily all humans were born with a very basic sex toy, also known as your hand. However, with all the technological advances there are in the sex toy industry you can really not afford not to have an intimate playmate.

There are no reason to be intimidated by the look and feel of the various toys available. You can start off by using them on your less intimate body parts, such as the tip of your nose. There are same amount of nerve endings in your nose tip as there is in the pleasure knob or the head of Mr. Big. You can then move down to your lips and your breasts. Nipple stimulation is one of the best things ever.

Then you can move down to the intimate part of your body, there is no need to place the toy inside the front or back door if you are not comfortable with it. In fact, women can reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation alone.

How do I introduce the sex toy into the bedroom?

The motion of the ocean is important but you cannot reach Australia by a row boat alone! Size matters and not only to your partner. When you choose a toy for the first time try something small and less scary. Buying the biggest dildo you can find might make your partner hysterical and it won’t be from pleasure. There are great toys on the market that is as small as a lipstick tube.

Show your partner first what it looks like and how to use it. Pulling it out in the middle of the pleasure session might have the opposite effect. Allow your partner to feel it on various body parts, this allows them to feel what it is really like.

How do I choose a sex toy or vibrator?

Best products, at the best price

Make sure that the product you buy is the best product at the best price. Ensure that the material is durable and of good quality. Remember, just because a product is expensive does not make it a superior quality products. We offer excellent products, at a price that will fit most budgets!


A vibrator is probably your best toy to buy. It is a great pleasure instrument, everyone from the first time buyer to the more experienced users can enjoy them. There are such a great variety on the market, from the smallest lipstick type to the more realistic male pleasure sticks look alike ones.

Massager wand

This versatile toy is full of fun for both partners but can be used alone as well. It is used for external stimulation and is especially great for clitoral stimulation. The toy usually have various speed settings and is rechargeable. They are also great to use as a massager on sore muscles! This personal massager comes with various vibration patterns as well.

Clitoral stimulator vibrators

Most women say that they are able orgasm better with clitoral as well as penetrative stimulation. Luckily there are great vibrators on the market just for that. These type of sex toys are usually U-shaped where the top part goes over the clitoris and the bottom part are placed over the internal G-spot. There are still enough space then to be penetrated. These little pleasure makers can also be used if you are flying solo. They are also very stimulating for your partner when penetration happens. There are also models available that connects to an app on your smart device, which enables you to control the device better as well customize the vibration pattern.

Rabbit Vibrators

The rabbit vibrator is probably the most iconic sex toy after the personal massager. It was made famous by various entertainment characters and most users are familiar with it. The top part of the vibrator looks like a smaller version of your male partner’s pleasure muscle that is connected to a bigger version of the pleasure muscle. The smaller one is purely for clitoral stimulation while the bigger one can be inserted into the female naughty bits for internal stimulation. This is truly a great sex toy to get, whether you are single or have a partner. It is stimulating for both partners. This personal massager can also be used for external stimulation if you are afraid to insert it. For the best stimulation, choose a model which has a curved, bigger pleasure stick; this will enable you to enjoy easier G-spot stimulation.

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