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The wireless mini massager wand


Medical silicone multi speed AV vibrator

  • 18 Speeds
  • Size:20*4cm
  • Input:110-240V
  • Battery:1200mah
  • it can be euipped with attachment diameter 58mm
  • Color:Purple/Black/Pink
  • CE certificate
  • Waterproof
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The little black product that you must have

Here is something to put on your wish list for your birthday

Once you go black, you might never go back

The personal massager wand is the new must have black item for your personal collection. It is discreetly small, but comes packing with enough power to send you on a mind blowing ride! It is one of the most versatile toys that you can own. Luckily there are various body parts on which you can use it if you are too shy to try it out on the naughty bits.

Tell me more!

The wireless massager wand allows you to use the toy all over your body. The vibration is so strong that you can use it to help with that stiff neck or shoulders that you have had for weeks now. The 1200 mAh battery allows for longer hours that you don’t need to recharge it. And once it is fully recharged you can have a go at it for at least a few good relaxation sessions.
This toy is made from medical grade silicone, which is great for hygiene. Just remember to use water-based lubrications with the device as silicone-base lubrication can have an adverse reaction to your favourite playmate.
Don’t worry about the neighbours hearing you having a go at it, as the toy is so silent that they might only hear your moans! Standing only 20cm tall, this personal massager is a great addition to any collection. It fits snuggly into your hand and can be used externally only.

I have never owned a toy before!

Most users are scared of buying any type of sex toy. Mostly it is because they are not familiar with it. Don’t despair, this personal massager wand can be used for a lot of things that are not sex related. It is probably the best first time toy that you can buy as it does not look like a traditional vibrator. The tip is flexible allowing it to contour with your body. It has 8 different speed settings and 20 different vibration patterns, offering you a wide variety to choose from.
This personal massager is waterproof which makes it so much easier to pack in your bag if you are going on a trip. It charges between 110V and 240V, covering all the major world destinations. If you are taking a short trip, like an over-night business trip, you don’t need to pack the charger as the battery is able to keep for a few good play sessions. Your energy will probably run out before the battery does!

How do I introduce my partner to a personal massager wand?

Introducing any new idea into the bedroom can be a daunting task. However, the great thing about the personal massager wand is that it can be used for a lot of different things and none of it needs to be of a naughty nature. If your partner has been sceptical about the use of toys, start of by introducing them to this little black pleasure stick as a normal massager. Use it on different parts of their bodies and allow them to feel and see the massager.
The moment they relax their bodies will produce vast amounts of feel good hormones, allowing them to enjoy the experience even more. Once they are familiar with the massager wand, you can move it into the bedroom for some naughty play time. Just remember that size matters, and in this case the small wand comes packing with so much power that no one will be intimidated!

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