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The U-shaped personal massager


Waterproof U shape fully silicone heated vibrator for women

  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 190mm length
  • Motor Quantity: 1
  • Modes: 10
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Waterproof , Phthalate Free
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Purple is the new colour of satisfaction

The personal massager that you and your partner really needs

So your next anniversary is coming up and you have no idea what gift to by your partner. Have you done endless research online and nothing stood out? Luckily you have just found the best gift ever!
The purple pleasure personal massager is the best gift that you can get yourself or your partner. The unique U-shaped design allows for a pleasurable experience for both partners.

What is the U-shaped designed personal massager?

This purple pleasure machine will change the way you think about your love life as well the way which you experience your pleasure sessions. The massager is about 20cm from one tip to the other tip, with ribbed silicone on the inner part of the toy. This ribbed parts allows for better grip, whereas the exterior is smooth silicone all the way.
The top part of the toy goes over your pleasure knob and the bottom part is inserted to allow G-Spot stimulation. Luckily the design is of such a nature that even if the is inserted, there will still be enough space for penetration. However, it might lead to a tighter fit than what your partner is used to.

I travel a lot!

This little pleasure maker comes packing with enough power to send you on a mind blowing experience every time you use it. It is small enough to fit into your make up or toiletry bag. The waterproof design gives you peace of mind, knowing that no liquid can damage your toy. Even when it is submerged in fluid.
This purple pleasure massager takes about an hour to recharge and gives you up to 90minutes of play time. Luckily the design allows it to be charger all over the world, no matter where you going!

I fly solo, can I still use it?

Being single must not deter you from adding this vibrator to your personal collection. In fact it might become your favourite play mate when you are single. It offers 10 different settings, ensuring that you will find the right setting to give you that relaxing experience that you are looking for.
Just remember to use enough water-based lubrication for starters! You don’t want to hurt yourself! Luckily the 100% medical grade silicone allows for easy cleaning. Do not use silicone based lubrication with this device, as it might damage the silicone.

I don’t know anything about personal massagers!

This pleasure maker is probably the best toy for first time users. It is small in size, not intimidating you. It’s soft and flexible, with an easy to use design. It allows for stimulation for both partners. If you feel unsure about how to use the product, start off by using it on body parts that are not intimate in nature. Your lips is a great place to start as well as your nose tip. Try out the different settings on the most obvious part of your body. Experience and feel every setting and then move on to the next body part. When you feel more comfortable with the massager you can move down to your pleasure lane. Start on the outside and on top before trying to move inside. You can also use this on your partner, pick up his cucumber like you would use salad thongs. The vibrations will give him intense pleasure and will help him to show you just how great it can be to put his cucumber in your salad!

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