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The blue app-i-brator (Tulip tickler)


(APP mobile phone connection) high quanlity

  • Rechargeable, 100% Waterproof
  • Silicone+ABS
  • Color: purple and pink,blue
  • 15.5*3.5cm
  • 10 different modes
  • APP function
  • 100g
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The smartest flower in the bunch

The flower to give your girlfriend!

The Tulip tickler, some prefer calling it the Lotus Flower personal massager, but we choose fun names, is probably the best in the bunch!

You don’t need to go to Holland to see tulips!

This is the cutest and most fun sex toy that you can add to your collection. It is even smart as well. It can connect to an app on your phone, from where you can choose from the 10 different vibration and speed settings. It offers a variety of choice, you will definitely find the setting that pushes you over the edge.

Why do I need this sex toy?

Well this is the one flower that you know will not die if you do not water it. If it dies, then it will come back to life after just an hour of charging! It is also the one flower that will give you intense pleasure! In fact, you might never want to buy fresh flowers again!
This tulip is quite small, measuring only 15cm from top to bottom. The petals can each open up about 7cm in length.

How do I use the Tulip Tickler?

The toy is looking more intimidating than it actually is! In fact, it is extremely user friendly. The main part of the flower is inserted into your love tunnel, and the petals are set to give you pleasure on top and at the back door. It is not made to be inserted in the back door, in fact it is really not recommended. The petal just covers the back door entrance for that extra stimulation.
The top petal is designed to give you extra stimulation on your pleasure knob! If you think about it, three of the most sensitive parts of your body is stimulated at once! The internal stimulation will happen on your G-spot!

What about my partner?

Sometimes girls need to spoil themselves! The Tulip Tickler is the best toy just for that. You do not need a partner to enjoy some explosive alone time! This vibrator is designed for the ultimate alone time experience! It does all the work by itself, while you choose the options from the app! It is such a great toy, you might want to phone a friend mid-session to tell them about it!

But wait, there is more!

This flower is made from 100% medical silicone and is fully rechargeable. It is on the smaller side, which makes it a great toy for first time buyers! It is rechargeable with a normal smart device charger, enabling you to pack only one charger when you go on a trip.
Hygiene is everything! Remember to clean it before and after every use! Do not store it if it is not properly dry, as the wetness can have dire effects on the toy! Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the cleaning and care for your toy.
Do not let the look of the toy intimidate you! This toy is designed with pleasure in mind. With the flexible petals you will experience more ecstatic pleasure than you can ever imagine! This toy allows you to use it with only one petal that is open up or with both. If you do not want to insert it, you can use the one petal for the stimulation at the back door, while the rest can be used to stimulate the pleasure knob! The possibilities are endless! Go on, buy the flower that will never die!

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