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Purple massager wand, 10 speed


  • Rechargeable, 100% Waterproof
  • Ten speed
  • Silicone+ABS
  • Color: purple and pink
  • 20*4.5CM
  • 10 different modes
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Your best friend, does come in silicone

Personal massagers are great to have

What is a personal massager wand? The personal massager wand is probably the best invention in the sex toy industry, which was launched in the early 1990’s. The design for the product has improved greatly.

It is not just a sex toy

This mini massager wand offers a great 10 speed vibration as well as different vibration patterns. IT can be used on various body parts, even for stiff muscles after a great work out. It can be used only for the massager part, giving you relieve of a sore body. However, it is a great versatile toy.

Tell me more!

This mini massager wand is made from 100% medical grade silicone, which offers you a hygienic product. The silicone is easier to clean and keep clean. It has a bendable neck for those hard to reach places that need extra attention.
It is fully rechargeable, with a universal charger. This ensures that you can pack it and take it along on all your travels. Depending on which smart device you have, you can even use that charger.
This purple power tool will allow you to relax any time, even when you had a stressful day at work.

Will my partner like a personal massager wand?

This purple massager wand is a great toy to introduce in the bedroom. It is small, about 20cm in length. However, it is always a good idea to introduce sex toys in the bedroom when you are not in the bedroom. A lot of people feel intimidated by the toy, especially when they see it for the first time during a passion session.
When you receive the toy, it is advisable to allow your partner to feel and touch it before you even think about using it during sexy time. Allow them to get used to it. Start off by giving them a nice massage, everywhere except on their naughty bits. This will give them the feel of the toy without any pressure.

Any special advise?

Always use water based lubrication with any toy that is made of 100% medical grade silicone. The lubricants that are silicone based will have an adverse reaction on the toy. If you feel that you need to use silicone based lubrication, ensure that the sex toy is covered with a condom. However, it is still risky even then because condoms can become damage and then the lubrication will be in contact with your toy.
Ensure that it is fully charged when you want to use it for the first time. This will give you ample time to play and to learn how to use the toy. When you want to use the toy on your naughty bits, always add lubrication. Even if you are not planning on inserting the toy. Friction burns are not sexy, no matter how you spin it. However, getting a friction burn is highly unlikely but you know, you need to be careful!
It is advisable to clean it before the first time use, even if you are planning on using it on the outside of your body, Always store the toy as per the manufacturer’s instructions, and this will prolong the life of your toy. Just because it says that it is waterproof doesn’t mean that you can store it without cleaning it! Do not use it when it is charging, and never use it near water if it is plugged in.

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